Studies show that French fries have a lot harmful effects on our body. I guess everyone knows that. Just try squeezing a piece of that hot and crispy fry then you’ll have instant oil polished nails right at your fingertips! Well, we could not curse the potato itself to the ground or at least back to where it came from: the soil (which I believe both are the same anyway.) It’s not the potato’s fault! What am I talking about?!

Before taking a plunge into the aroma of the exciting new year of 2012, have a last look at 2011.

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Monk the Kitchen Leftover

It is normal that every human has his/her own story in the past. Of which some may prefer as their bitter gourd. Poor, rich, happy or miserable – whatever beginning one had, there’s always the “all things work together for good” phrase. Like leftovers, sometimes there would be a feeling where the things in past about the life we lived is such a waste.

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La Luz Pebbles!

It was a pleasant walk that evening in the bay walk of Puerto Princesa along with the breeze of the nearby sea at the pier. One could feel the Christmas spirit in the air pass through every strand of  hair in the skin. As the walk went on, children came running along wherever their joy could take them. Continue reading

No Reservations: Indonesia

Rendang (Indonesian Curry)

Indonesia would have been the end of Anthony Bourdain’s travels for its spicy chicken curry. Not literally because of this dish but because of the thick and rich culture of Indonesia — the stings and spices incorporated in the chicken tickled the taste buds of Anthony to the bones during his visit.

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