No Reservations: Indonesia

Rendang (Indonesian Curry)

Indonesia would have been the end of Anthony Bourdain’s travels for its spicy chicken curry. Not literally because of this dish but because of the thick and rich culture of Indonesia — the stings and spices incorporated in the chicken tickled the taste buds of Anthony to the bones during his visit.

As how common chicken curry could be in Asia, Indonesia had its way to sprinkle certain ingredients to make any tourist’s stay more delightful as it already is. In a glocal manner, it detached itself from being just another Asian country who could just offer the same thing. Almost similar to the Philippines: geographic composition, culture of having food like durian and lechon, traditional clothing and dances and of course eating using bare hands, Indonesia presented its beauty in an exotic way, adding heart in every taste it could offer.

After watching the documentary, I could say that this is somehow a big analogy. It personally gave me an urge to venture in that country for it gave me a unique attractive look when the Philippines, I think, has, and even more. It just gave me an insulting

Afritada (Yummy. . .Tada!! Don't you think so?)

humor for the tourist spots of Indonesia were presented internationally. When we have hotels owned by foreigners, they had natural and ethnic looking lake houses for the tourist’s place to stay. Honestly with the over-all package, it is not really something to be amazed or mesmerized of when a Filipino looks at it. There was an expression: “nothing new”. But what really is alarming about it is that it beats the Filipino culture which has a spicier Afritada. Same ingredients, although different style of cooking; served sizzling hot for the costumers’ delight. Let it be that Indonesia would burn the feet of those who are on top of this pan of islands to make them move and do something.

Anthony Bourdain’s visit was very fulfilling that gave him an idea of making Indonesia the end of his travels just like what happened to a chef that stayed who happened to be a CIA before in Chicago. Yet Indonesia’s “chicken curry” was so spicy that it made him thirsty and hungry for more.


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