La Luz Pebbles!

It was a pleasant walk that evening in the bay walk of Puerto Princesa along with the breeze of the nearby sea at the pier. One could feel the Christmas spirit in the air pass through every strand of  hair in the skin. As the walk went on, children came running along wherever their joy could take them. For sure they were having fun with every step they take on the soft, brown and pulverized sand that suddenly turned into dust then gone with the wind. Yes! Sand– it makes running on bare feet feel like wanting to run more! Usually sands like this are seen particularly in beach scenery which compliments the whole thing. But then, La Luz beach in Batangas served something unexpected–its “sand”. It could have been so much more fun running along and playing volleyball if only there was no “quick sand feeling”. Those small pebbles that is mainly the sand of La Luz was quite a pain in my feet. Of course wearing slippers would solve this problem but no, it was disturbing.

Egg Omelet (Customized) - yum yumolet

Yes, everything else was nice: the food, the ocean, the whole thing and especially the food –the savor of the stuffed egg omelet

with the ingredients of your choice! 🙂 What separated me from those colorful fishes and corals was not the salty waters but these

strange pebbles that kept hitting my back every time I walk. It was fun! — playing Battle Realms  with my mates inside the very nice room of La Luz resort.


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