Studies show that French fries have a lot harmful effects on our body. I guess everyone knows that. Just try squeezing a piece of that hot and crispy fry then you’ll have instant oil polished nails right at your fingertips! Well, we could not curse the potato itself to the ground or at least back to where it came from: the soil (which I believe both are the same anyway.) It’s not the potato’s fault! What am I talking about?!

Before taking a plunge into the aroma of the exciting new year of 2012, have a last look at 2011.

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Some say that it had been such a bad year, although it really depends on the person who looks at the water as half full or half empty.  Tragedy is inevitable but misery is an option.

Going back to the fries, potatoes have some significant nutritional value. Depending on the one who cooks it, potatoes compliment a dish when put into good use rather than throwing into the deep boiling pit of evil oil that results into a nasty yet crispy and crunchy, tempting and tasty but still nasty creation — hellooooo fast food.

Let the events become a nourishment that would teach us lessons rather than waste and junk.

Just as another newly opened restaurant invite us through the doors of 2012, remember to bring spoons, forks and knives (yes! its necessary!) as you battle along with other rushing citizens with hungry stomachs ready to fight for the delightful and much awaited. 

Have a few tips to keep in mind.

December 31, 2011 23:59/11:59PM

*Throw your onion skins, scraps, dried pulps into the garbage can.

*Leave your planted indignation to rot – and become fertilizer for the nutrition of the soil deep in your heart.

*Carrying old utensils would not be of much help, for there won’t be a New Year if you’d be bringing an old “you”.

(And …1)

January 1, 2012 0:00/12:00AM

*Unleash the full potential of potato!!

*Live a life of significance – not because of Doomsday or Mayan Predictions!! But because the world does not need another fry.

*Be of good use like how these did or why not make it unique!

As they say: “You can do anything that other people can do — only better.”


11 thoughts on “fRENCH fRIES AGAIN?!

  1. i think i’ll be changing theme to white or something…black is formal or kinda semi for street food i’ll be talking about and also for font purposes and color and also coz im still amateur…

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