Coffee, Eye Bags and Jet Lags

Im a wild and angry apple

Im a wild and angry apple

One day in a shopping mall:

Brother: iPod

Sister: iPhone

Mother: iPad

Father: iPay

“Everything’s going digital. You’ll enjoy it more with a complete set of fingers.”


(I believe so too. Good thing I haven’t chopped mine off  yet.)

Oh look at the timer…ticking a few days left to present my dish.


Crash course of Photography.

Crash course of Videography.

Crash course of Filming.

Crash course of Scriptwriting.

And me, crashing of course.


Talk about one-man-show.

Yes I’m already having mental jet lags

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Rule #1

The boss is always right.

Rule #2

If you think the boss is wrong please refer to Rule #1.

Rule #3

If you still insist that the boss is wrong, contemplate.

Take time for self reflections and realizations then have a visit in the mental hospital.


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Off the Pot

Once there was a little girl who complained about her problems in life that kept on increasing.

One after another.

So this tiny girl approached his dad and told him what bothers her.

Dad just kept silent and placed three pots filled with same amount of water on the stove then started boiling them.

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