Off the Pot

Once there was a little girl who complained about her problems in life that kept on increasing.

One after another.

So this tiny girl approached his dad and told him what bothers her.

Dad just kept silent and placed three pots filled with same amount of water on the stove then started boiling them.

Soon, after the water boiled, he placed a potato in the first pot, an egg on the second pot and coffee beans on the third then positioned the cover.

Impatiently, the girl became curious and asked.

Dad remained silent.

And the girl just watched.

After a few minutes, he turned the switch of the stove off, then took everything out on three different plates.

He showed it to his little daughter and started to speak.

“What do you see?”

Touched the potato.

Opened the egg.

Sipped the coffee..

The potato became soft.

The egg was hardened.

But the coffee beans changed the water and “created something new”

Same amount of intensity of the boiling water yet…

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…there were different reactions.


So tell me, how many times have I mentioned the word “potato”?

Oh well, back to the ‘Ol Chopping Board


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