Rule #1

The boss is always right.

Rule #2

If you think the boss is wrong please refer to Rule #1.

Rule #3

If you still insist that the boss is wrong, contemplate.

Take time for self reflections and realizations then have a visit in the mental hospital.


So much for being the director. Never knew that making a documentary about food would not be easy as pie. Telling people what to do? Define “directing”. Right?

Wait that’s not it..

Before getting things done your way, know what you want first and how you want it done! Let me emphasize the word KNOW.

Yes we’ll be talking about the camera angles, framing, techniques, lighting, styles, types and a lot  more geek techy blah blah blah! Pshh!

(Recipe Book sneered..)

That’s just the camera, let’s not talk about filming yet and scriptwriting (our main course).

I bought a big bag of chips not knowing that its actually filled with broad variety of flavors.

Like this.

and Jack n’ Jill says…

But no it ain’t.

Bottom line, is that the feeling of being a director and a crash course of supposedly 4-year Mass Communication is a boiling oil left on fire. I can sense visitors coming and I believe its Stress, Pain, and Sleepless.

Well, what would be on the menu?

Guess, I’ll put away my apron for a while and step in to the room of digitals.

No worries food, will do a kitchen adventure here and there as I introduce

you to my soon-to-be friends: Samsung and Canon.

Hope we’ll have a good time together –> will be praying for that too.

“Making documentaries is one of the most rewarding and challenging endeavors you can be involved in. “

(rewarding? right,.we’ll get there………SOON)

I believe I’ll “meat” Challenging first.

And besides, photography is not a crime..


First I really wanted to thank my brilliant mind of having an idea of this . . .”THIS”!

Yeah…congratulations, you now won yourself bags of Pic-A! Enjoy.

Wow…how awesome…hands down…

And nope, Pikachu’s not here. Sorry.

Ok that’s it…let’s slice n’ dice.


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