Coffee, Eye Bags and Jet Lags

Im a wild and angry apple

Im a wild and angry apple

One day in a shopping mall:

Brother: iPod

Sister: iPhone

Mother: iPad

Father: iPay

“Everything’s going digital. You’ll enjoy it more with a complete set of fingers.”


(I believe so too. Good thing I haven’t chopped mine off  yet.)

Oh look at the timer…ticking a few days left to present my dish.


Crash course of Photography.

Crash course of Videography.

Crash course of Filming.

Crash course of Scriptwriting.

And me, crashing of course.


Talk about one-man-show.

Yes I’m already having mental jet lags

Read my diary for today:

JANUARY 26,2011 7:32 am

Dear TOF,

I cooked and overcooked a sun-dried squid.

It burnt. I ate a burnt piece and left a very awful taste in my mouth.

(how stupid)

I cooked an egg on the same pan flooding with oil, but then it turned out to be too oily.

I mixed it with the burnt dried squid and fried rice. Fed it to the dog. I ate nothing.

(what a breakfast)

Happy birthday dog…



JANUARY 27,2011

Dear TOF,

A friend of mine, who temporarily lives with me, rarely eats anything I cook. Whether breakfast or dinner; often refuses.

There’s no poison. What’s wrong with me being very generous…?





…in MSG.

I can already imagine my brains and light bulb floating in mid-air.

But still, thank you Desktop Documentaries! You’re a helping hand!

Wish someone would say:

Then I’ll go cuddle and sleep like a teenie weenie kitten…


Probably I’d die in less than 10 weeks or in 10 days or maybe in 10







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