Tonight was a new creation with a visit in the LIKHA Restaurant at South Sea.

A pleasant evening indeed: freely breathing the air surrounded by trees and a little sea breeze. Nothing like a silent night so peaceful and in-with-nature can help the mind relax away from the noisy life.

USA, SWEDEN, AUSTRALIA, UK — these countries boldly repeated itself in front of my eyes as I scan through the pages of the elegant black notebook menu with names on the left of different concoctions of vodka and cold beverages plus drinks and beers.

I asked for their specialty.

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The Big Difference

That day, our next stop for lunch was the one known for its sweet roasted chicken where a lot of people comes by.

Funny thing is that the name of this restaurant doesn’t sound very close with their main pride – roasted chicken.

It was a big advantage that they had a big space for their business.

They had a lot of tables outside for those who prefer the open air and they also have an air-conditioned room with additional payment.

It was no doubt that the chicken would turn out to be delicious.

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The KRI Experience

At often times, people navigate the world looking for answers to their personal needs when usually, its somewhere — right in front of them. Still in search for the flavors that would take me to heaven, dip me in paradise or toss my taste buds upside down. To my surprise, it was just footsteps away. “A Neighborhood Restaurant” that’s their catch! KRI Restaurant.

KRI Restaurant 

Looking for a simple snack for brunch, a friend invited me to visit this restaurant for once in my whole life.

“One of the restaurants you shouldn’t miss”

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Carinderia To The Next Level

This afternoon, was another great opportunity to explore Dumaguete. In accordance with the budget, I found a place which fits and passes the standards of a simple lunch yet with a touch of decency. Welcome to Sta. Teresa Resto.

Keeping faith on the Valentines Day celebration yesterday (February 14, 2012), they still kept the ambiance of love present in the atmosphere.

Still loving the lutong bahay kind of food you eat on the streets commonly in carinderia? Then its time to level up! And have a cleaner choice..

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A Call for FoodVenture!

Scouting the mountains and rivers of Visayan region could ever be so tiring. Good thing there are food stops! And whats good about it is that the Visayan food speaks more in its flavors than how it models for the sights!

There will be more tasting of culture in the streets and also in some places where paradise meets the taste buds!



Watch out for the completion of the “PA-LAO-YU MAILASA” Page! Coming very soon this February 20 🙂