Ancient Rice Stick

Tired of spending half of your life on your usual boring-coffee-and-bread morning ceremony? Well you’ve missed the other half experiencing better breakfast!

Living in the 21st century is outmost exciting as it is to have back the nocturnal tang of the early days; return to the cold breeze of fresh air on peaceful dawns, return to the sliding windows, hear the rooster crows. Be back at the  moment in time where you seat, sniff the richness and savor of chocolate heat.

As Filipino as it could be, nothing beats the old-fashioned, dainty flavors of searing variety of glutinous rice cakes and sticky delicacies made to perfection in the hands of Philippine customs throughout centuries.

Up to this very day, Filipinos still serve the old times in the modern world — true to its never ending delightful taste. Cooked in several ways, different regions have different methods on how they prepare Filipino food naming it as their “home specialty” – commonly displayed near churches.

A slice of Dumaguete had captured my taste buds unguarded with its Filipino food twists. From what I have tried so far among the baked, boiled and steamed goodness of the puto-puto, sari-sari, monay, suman atbp., I desired the “budbod” more. It’s a kind of suman with a kink of sticky, sweet surprise.

As breads do with its pair, budbod is most appreciated with an original hot beverage that awakens the human soul.

At my own craving, I stirred up my tongue with the sweet and bitter gnaw of Filipino chocolate cocoa made from pure cacao beans.

Then a gentle drizzle did the trick of making a wonderful and exciting day!

As well as it did to me, it would also give you the pack of energy you need as you jumpstart your morning early at 5!


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