Carinderia To The Next Level

This afternoon, was another great opportunity to explore Dumaguete. In accordance with the budget, I found a place which fits and passes the standards of a simple lunch yet with a touch of decency. Welcome to Sta. Teresa Resto.

Keeping faith on the Valentines Day celebration yesterday (February 14, 2012), they still kept the ambiance of love present in the atmosphere.

Still loving the lutong bahay kind of food you eat on the streets commonly in carinderia? Then its time to level up! And have a cleaner choice..

Handed to you by the good looking food servers in plain coffee-themed uniform and with a smile.

 Great choice to dine in whether your alone travelling…

 or in groups.. 

take all the seats!

 They also serve coffee and wine.

 And lastly a simple selection of ice cream as a desert that complements a very delightful meal…

 from Selecta! Now don’t worry, it may all seem like an expensive restaurant…

 but ideal to those who prefer simple budget! Once again Sta. Teresa Resto.


11 thoughts on “Carinderia To The Next Level

  1. Great find and vibrant images, the colors tells me their flavours.

    There are many hidden things in any city. And I believe you found some for you to share and some things for the surprise later when it is ready. I haven’t thought of that place in such a way. True true…it is worthy to be called an upgrade.

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