The KRI Experience

At often times, people navigate the world looking for answers to their personal needs when usually, its somewhere — right in front of them. Still in search for the flavors that would take me to heaven, dip me in paradise or toss my taste buds upside down. To my surprise, it was just footsteps away. “A Neighborhood Restaurant” that’s their catch! KRI Restaurant.

KRI Restaurant 

Looking for a simple snack for brunch, a friend invited me to visit this restaurant for once in my whole life.

“One of the restaurants you shouldn’t miss”

She added as I gave a quick nod and followed after her inside.

I opened the door then there it was — the savor that welcomed me into its home. I drowned myself into the enticing smell and tolerated my arousing senses which were ready to give in at any moment the food is served. I wandered around trying to recognize the aroma but I failed. The level of intensity of my hunger rapidly increased as I sat down like an addict.

Then I said,

“I want to capture this moment”

And so I did.

Red Napkin HandkerciefWould you look at that. The month of February draws near to its end yet they still treasured the atmosphere of the hearts. Surprisingly, others tend to be seemingly quiet and subtle in cooperating,

But then again, the place was still something.

So while waiting for the food to be served,.

I took pictures..

And more pictures..

bottles wines

That dragon seemed to be really eye-catching. I took a closer look and then…


would you look at that, how impressive!

So then, the food was served and I felt like a kid once more running to my seat so excited to eat.

Meet Pad Thai Noodles

In KRI restaurant, you’re the boss! I ordered my Pad Thai Noodles in level 4.5 in fear that it may be too spicy for me since my friend chose only level 4 and requested it to be in all veggie style.

The Vegan Style

Then came the first taste.

Having high tolerance in spicy food, I requested that they change it to level 6. So they did. In a few minutes I took another taste.

I got lost in words.

I took another, then another. It was just so irresistible. The taste was brilliant!

As my teeth pierced through the soft noodles, it suddenly melted into my mouth. Amazingly, it tasted creamy just like Carbonara. But the crisp and crunch of the tofu and nuts on top, plus the tangy taste of the lime including the different spices that tickled my tongue made it so unique which you’d never get used to!

In the end, I was flooded with sweat as I had what I asked for — Level 6; yet so hungry for more.

Have it you way! The original…

or veggie style.

KRI Restaurant is located right beside Insular Hotel. So if you are looking for a bed and breakfast type then no need to look further for such expensive hotels. They can serve food to you even at your room! At a very fair price! 

KRI (A Neighborhood Restaurant)

Service, food, accommodations . . .double thumbs up!

…and I’m not alone on that.

See for yourself!

My friend insisted that it would be best to visit at night as more people appreciate it.

And I will. 

9 thoughts on “The KRI Experience

  1. Hi, tablespoonofflavors! I like the pictures and how you unraveled your experience at KRI! My KRI favorites are their Humus, humming bird, potato wedges, rice rolls–and their newly brewed coffee; which I always had in black.

    Indeed, bring the world to us at the tip of our taste buds!

  2. I’m hungry now. You should probably add an address and contact details to the places you visit; and the price range also! 🙂 Imagine someone from Japan who wants to visit Dumaguete, and they happen to stumble into your blog. That information would really help.

  3. I like this place too! When I come in they know what kind of drink I wanted, I always go there and customize my drink, and they will do it. You can actually have a conversation with the waiters on how you want your food. Say, ” I’m having a cold/tired/sleepy…what drink should I have? “. And don’t forget to smile back, that’s always the killer move. 🙂

    Regarding maps, I am confident that you can actually put Google map with some html code using a widget/plugin on your post, so yes maps is possible. The internet line you are on may be just slow at that time so editing at “View Mode” did not finish loading.

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