The Big Difference

That day, our next stop for lunch was the one known for its sweet roasted chicken where a lot of people comes by.

Funny thing is that the name of this restaurant doesn’t sound very close with their main pride – roasted chicken.

It was a big advantage that they had a big space for their business.

They had a lot of tables outside for those who prefer the open air and they also have an air-conditioned room with additional payment.

It was no doubt that the chicken would turn out to be delicious.

It was the smoke that filled the hot afternoon and my stomach with hunger.

Then it was served.

But wait! Let my friend demonstrate how it is done the FIlipino way..

First is to prepare the dip.

Squeeze the calamansi into the dish with some chili.

Then, pour half of the sweet chicken sauce into the rice.

Then you start eating — with bare hands of course!

Tear a piece of chicken…

then rice comes after.

A sweet and spicy chicken!

If you ask me, the meal was a click to my taste buds — truly pinoy!

But then I left the place with such disappointment. Being critical at some times, I was not pleased with the over-all experience. Yes the food was good — it was no problem at all yet there was a big wonder WHY.

Going back to the scene where we were eating, we asked for a bottle of water.

“Excuse me,”

was repeated for like three times as it was overpowered by the sound of laughter and conversations of the staff as they sat on the tables and chairs watching the other two work near the grill.

But the moment we have their caught attention, a snap of silence, then the man said to the other:

“Assist them”

A few more moments, we got what we asked for. The waiter passed by and placed the bottled water on the table then went away. Later, asking for the bill, a woman came then gave a small receipt. We asked for another for documentation purposes and this time with a name on it.

She came back. Now, only the total price was there. Not really demanding, but we asked if it was okay if the breakdown was included.

A few minutes passed.

Then 5 more.

We finally decided to leave. I went back inside to check if it was already okay. The cashier opened the drawer, looked for our previous receipt then she started writing it down in another paper. I patiently waited in front of her until she finished. After that, I gave a weak smile and said,

Thank You.

I really do not understand why.

Is this what happens with a compromised and intimidated vision?

My suggestions..

Well, it wouldn’t hurt to smile a bit and make the day of your customer would it? Think of adding a little technique that would tell the town the presence of your restaurant.

Then if possible, think of ways to make some improvement!


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