Tonight was a new creation with a visit in the LIKHA Restaurant at South Sea.

A pleasant evening indeed: freely breathing the air surrounded by trees and a little sea breeze. Nothing like a silent night so peaceful and in-with-nature can help the mind relax away from the noisy life.

USA, SWEDEN, AUSTRALIA, UK — these countries boldly repeated itself in front of my eyes as I scan through the pages of the elegant black notebook menu with names on the left of different concoctions of vodka and cold beverages plus drinks and beers.

I asked for their specialty.

“Callos” plus an Asian Spicy Rice

Meanwhile, my friend savored for Cheese Sticks and Tuna Sashimi.

While on wait, I took time in shooting some videos as I struggled with the searing pain in my knees when I tried to bend and tiptoe my way into filming in fear of making a shaky video.

At that moment, I once more appreciated the interior design of the restaurant, reminding me of another similar theme.

The waitress came, placed the freshly cooked cuisine into our table then I patiently had a few more minutes of picture taking and video shooting with trouble.

Finally, I gave in to the call of the hot bread and bowl of callos.

Callos is a Filipino-Spanish dish made from ox tripe and veal shanks. In this style, it was made into a dip. But for me it was more than that. Good thing I ordered spicy rice. It was so tender while parts of it just quickly melts.

Asian Spicy Rice

Since I was in grade school, I’ve been loving crunchy cheese sticks in our canteen.

Now here, their cheese sticks were awesome and I call it extreme cheese sticks! It tasted like no ordinary cheese. I’m sure anyone who gets even a bite of it would always ask for more!

Cheese Sticks

Next was the tuna sashimi with my favorite: wasabi, on the side.

Tuna Sashimi

It pulled me back to my senses!

After eating, I could say that LIKHA was a good creation. If you are looking for a very  satisfying restaurant, well then, it would be necessary to look further and discover.

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