Frappe @ P50? For Real?

Yes. You got that right

It doesn’t help when your eyelids keep on having its way to heavily drop itself slowly, gently then to a sudden sleep. And when you wake up, you knock your forehead, squint your eyes and say,



Then you notice all the paper works and assignments you were supposed to finish last night is frowning at  you as you loudly exhale for a sigh.

“Who’s to blame? I was so tired last night.”

You see, having a streak of sleepless nights is a great help to finish your work especially when you really try to remain awake. But if you can’t fight it, there’s still hope.

And its awake 24/7!

Its no other than…


No kidding! The secret? Just combine this three simple ingredients and enjoy a cup of Frappe at P50 that will surely keep you up at night!




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