Lonely Coffee

You are alone.

You are with someone.

You feel like you wanted to relax for a bit and sip hot brewed coffee escaping from the stressful and noisy life.

You slice a black forest cake then you look back at your laptop and continued typing.

You return a sweet glance to the love of your life as she shyly wear a smile.

You stare outside the glass window and appreciate the peace and silence.

You treat the person in front of you after she accepted your request for interview.

If you are any of those above, then Country Bakers is the place suitable for you!

It is located somewhere the noisy tricycles don’t wander about to ensure you that still quietness you long for.

A coffee shop where people like to sit down, relax, breathe and break away from the busy tracks  of school, work or life. 

Espresso, cappuccino, brewed coffee and other hot drinks plus cakes, cookies and pastries are your choices as you embrace moment of being in the arms of the coffee shop. They also include a small menu for customers who happen to have a big stomach at lunch time.

My suggestion for meals is that you try the Grilled Garlic Chicken

And have a Molo Soup beside it

For a heavy meal.

It would only cost you P110.

Designed to give you a very warm hug Country Bakers is there. Just come at your own wish!


  • American
  • Filipino
  • Italian
  • Pasta
  • Sandwiches
Telephone: (035)-4224832
Opening Hours:
10:00 – 20:00

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