Cafe Mamia

Cafe Mamia, is one of the very few coffee shops in Dumaguete. Now if you want to feel the presence of the modern world, you may get the chair and order here. It is designed to have an urbanized interior that opens its doors to those people who prefer being on track and focused but can find a time to have a short break and breathe.

From the previous post, Country Bakers hosted a warm place of home in their shop. However in Cafe Mamia, it can be imagined to be a place beside big buildings along the busy street where you’d stop, have a sip then think about your investment plans, fix the workloads of your boss and get things over with.

Not only coffee, cakes and pastries, but breakfast meals, pasta and sandwiches are included in their menu too. In my last visit on March 5, I tried one of their mousse, which they’re good at, and also some snack to go with it. But it wasn’t really easy to choose from the variety of mousses that looked enticing and delightful at the same time.

After a few arguments with what to choose,

I finally decided to order a brewed coffee,


(a hot bitter black one that comes with a nerve kicker)

a chocolate mousse,

( sweet and fluffy treat to die for..)

(that brought the smile in my face…)

(with a pinch of guilt!)

and a tasty grilled  vegetable melt.

(cheesy crucnchy sandwich)

(colored with veggies!)

Cafe Mamia offers a scrumptious mouthwatering taste that would surely  be enjoyed at a price that ranges from P100 – 200. It is also freshened with a friendly atmosphere for your friends.

Walk along Rizal Boulevard, Dumagete City and you’ll find Cafe Mamia!


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