When “Interesting” Pops

Capsaicin is the active component of chili peppers, probably the one responsible for why we experience pinching vex everytime we sort of intentionally or accidentally “eat” chili peppers.

“The story of chili is not all pain and tears. Scientists have discovered that a raw pepper has more vitamin C than an orange”

— Says Reader’s Digest on Some Like it HOT & some like it HOTTER.

I could still remember the last time I had to chew a red hot chili pepper out of compliance (they say). Before I knew it, my mouth was already a raging volcano! And water did not become of any help I tell you — the same effects that will happen when you try extinguishing fire with few water.

“…capsaicin is fat or alcohol soluble, so drinking milk or alcoholic beverages can dissolve the burning taste in your mouth much faster than water can.”

Too bad I never had any of those during that night, but hello to this:

“University of Nottingham researchers published findings that show capsaicin may be able to kill cancerous tumours. Other studies suggest capsaicin reduces cholesterol and pain associated with arthritis, diabetes, and muscle and joint problems.” 

Now that’s a smile to me as chili garlic, chili pepper and chili sauce are my friends during meal time. 


Now after knowing this intriguing fact, a friend shared a new and very interesting site entitled PEPPER.PH

Check it out!

In Pepper.ph, we want to do to local food what Apple did to phones. By reinventing the way we photograph, style and design food, we’d like to start a whole new culture around it.


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