A Glance at “Got New I.D.’s?”


From the past few months of experience, I have been building a pinch of it every time I shoot videos in restaurants filled with customers on their seats who glance and stare at me once in a while.

I try not to care. 

This thesis I’m working on, kept on forcing me to do things that I would have not done if given a choice. Talking to strangers, catching the attention of people, shooting videos at awkward and noticeable angles, smile at anonymous people, being friendly — these are only few of which I try to conquer.

Now, I have met three months filled with different opportunities, circumstances, disappointments, frustrations, happiness, joy, unexpected situations, sadness, depression, pain and failures — all for the hope in igniting the inner fire.

I can’t say I am dead nor could I say that I live of significance in the 21st Century. Why?

I was overwhelmed by that certain moment coming from a very uncertain place.And I wrote it down here so that I could be reminded of it each time I visit.

☼ ☼ ☼

Cafe Noriter is among the few coffee shops known in the city of Dumaguete. If you really feel to be you, then its the best place to be.

I was astonished by its creative simplicity and by the contrast of colorful ideas subject to subtle identity that stands within an area perceived differently, relative to the standard of living of the people that dwells in it.

It would be a great humor hearing me say all of these things when your on the actual setting of standing in front of the door staring into an ordinary coffee shop. Now, to try opening all the five senses, is a hard one, yet will surely leave you astonished by the taste and the story behind it.

What happened back there?


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