Stopping by Four Eyes Wide Open

“From North to South

It doesn’t matter which part of town you’re in 🙂 I love eating period so I personally picked out the best hangout spots right around the corner!

South: Tavern Asia

Weekend gimiks don’t always have to involve insane amounts of oily sisig and crispy pata. Do your taste buds a favor and head to resto-bar Tavern Asia on your next night out.

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Don’t Wreck it Ralph!

mario mushroom

One of the seasons evident in the country other than the commonly celebrated Christmas season and the season of lent, happens during summer: Elections. However, rarely all individuals rejoice and celebrate during this time.

You would definitely know that its fast approaching when you’re dried up from being stuck  in long hours of traffic caused by the unnecessary abrupt reconstruction of main roads.

Now when you have to suffer another day with self-proclaiming deeds and reconstructions sprouting like political mushrooms, its time consider who you’d be voting for the next term.

Someone who knows what to fix might deserve a shade on the ballot.

When “Interesting” Pops

Capsaicin is the active component of chili peppers, probably the one responsible for why we experience pinching vex everytime we sort of intentionally or accidentally “eat” chili peppers.

“The story of chili is not all pain and tears. Scientists have discovered that a raw pepper has more vitamin C than an orange”

— Says Reader’s Digest on Some Like it HOT & some like it HOTTER.

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When everybody says, “YES!”

Some food places really ought to know to have their own strategy in business. On the other hand, some customers however, have their own criteria in choosing a place to dine in.

Food, setting, service and price — it matters to some. It is sometimes the basis of how many customers the food place can accumulate.

I believed in this, yet I was wrong.

In Dumaguete City, there is a place called, Habhaban or to “gobble/swallow”

Open hours? 7:00 P.M. – Early morning.

It is located somewhere inside a village yet when the moon strikes, dozens of people crowd this place to dine in.

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