When “Interesting” Pops

Capsaicin is the active component of chili peppers, probably the one responsible for why we experience pinching vex everytime we sort of intentionally or accidentally “eat” chili peppers.

“The story of chili is not all pain and tears. Scientists have discovered that a raw pepper has more vitamin C than an orange”

— Says Reader’s Digest on Some Like it HOT & some like it HOTTER.

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Coco Amigos!

Coco Amigos is the home of great Mexican Style dishes. They serve a wide variety of selections to choose from that would get you lost in the affordable price range. Plus, the amount of serving is just enough for a man’s meal. Spicy as I like it.

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Lonely Coffee

You are alone.

You are with someone.

You feel like you wanted to relax for a bit and sip hot brewed coffee escaping from the stressful and noisy life.

You slice a black forest cake then you look back at your laptop and continued typing.

You return a sweet glance to the love of your life as she shyly wear a smile.

You stare outside the glass window and appreciate the peace and silence.

You treat the person in front of you after she accepted your request for interview.

If you are any of those above, then Country Bakers is the place suitable for you!

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