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Do you believe that there’s always another part of you that is good at something, distance away from what you’re already good at? That’s what I want to find out. Scroll down a bit.

But before that,play this soundtrack as you read.

1. Let’s skip the name/age/location — commonly asked part. I am adventurous, I like to wander around and discover something new or fascinating.

2. I can be socially active and I can be not.

3. I do a lot of thinking: thoughts full of inquiries and questions.

4. I love to eat. I am able eat in a decent manner or eat with bare hands.

 “To eat is a necessity; but to eat intelligently is an art.” 

5. Cooking, however, quite snatches the hours of my day. I get all fired up once I start  slicing, chopping, dicing and throwing the spices around my 80 degrees pan.  But dreaming to become a great chef always turns me down the moment I get to watch my favorite cooking shows such as Junior Master Chef, Master Chef, etc., as it overwhelms me every time.

Anton Ego reminded me that,

“Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere.” 

6. Its weird that sometimes feel like I love time pressure. “The most productive time you can have is at the last minute” – they say. I feel that I can think more with it. So basically I procrastinate once in awhile. It’s bad, but I’m trying to win over it.

7. I love dogs even though I never had one — ever since. So I believe a cat would be a favorite pet since it has a low maintenance; however, less intelligent and loving than dogs. You know, “dogs are the only animal on earth who could love you more than itself.”

8. I’m dreaming to be an artist, but there are times when I fill a blank page with a lot of curly wiggles that I positively accept as the bird’s eye view of an igorot’s head or a pan filled with burnt noodles. To be an artist in my own field, that’s what I’d like to happen

9. Swimming is fun and also exhausting, but a good way to sweat without actually smelling bad. I rather walk a lot than run. But I do run occasionally — when late for class that is.

10. I’m quite moody at times but when loaded with lots of sugar, caffeine and inspiration, I could get really high and active; enough to have the strength of a thousand men. (Or maybe its the way I describe getting high -_-)

11. Imaginations? I have lots of these in my head. I never have to worry about getting bored. Give me a pen and paper, and you’ll see how I can make you something to display inside your trash bin.

12. I love to watch and read anime and manga. (Fairy Tail, Bleach, etc.) When it comes to movies, I prefer fictions like: I Am Number Four, Inception, HP, The Chronicles of Narnia. But my favorite is The Divine Weapon — do watch that.

13. I dreamed to run my own restaurant one day. One that would make a customer want to stay longer. Served by friendly waiters and waitresses with personalities who ought to know the meaning of real “service”. Not only because of the excellent food but also the ambiance of the place which would make the name of the restaurant pop into your head the next time a friend asks you for a place to dine in. I want it to look simple yet decent with a touch of identity.

Food always comes to those who love to cook”

14. I am not really that patient, though that was the only thing I could think of when I was required to name a great asset of mine in a snap. Right now, the irresponsible ones are my little exasperation batteries. I find it hard having a group work with them but I give time to look at them as whom I used to be back then.

15. The times when I wished to be rich is when I’m at the supermarket, standing by the fruits and vegetables section with my eyes caught on the valuable ones.

16. There are times when I wake up and the only thing that I could say is, “I wish I was smarter.” Then I go back to sleep.

17. I’m frustrated with a lot of things. I want to learn a lot. I’m aspiring to become excellent in my field, so I’m doing my best in every opportunity to practice and learn from my experiences whether from people or circumstances. But I am easily discouraged and have low self-esteem. 

18. This year, I recently and fully discovered that I am a filthy perfectionist. I want things to get done with order and configuration; often times, in my own ways and how I’d like it to be. Of course I do consider other people’s opinions but only those that aspire for something better. I want to collaborate with the right kind of people and listen to what they have to say. Creative ideas are my drugs. I want to make elephants fly with any way possible; just as how iPad’s and Tablets continue to grow and exist.

“This is me. I think it’s apparent that I need to rethink my life a little bit. What’s my problem? First of all, I’m a rat. Which means, life is hard.”

“Change is nature. The part that we can influence. And it starts when we decide.”

— Remy (Rattatouille)

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This is me, Jonathan Paule, 18 years old, born on the 9th of October; currently taking AB Mass Communications. I am exploring myself in this field and I’m currently enjoying it.


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